New Life

Christian Outreach Ministry

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NLCOM Main Office

1405 North East Perry Ave 1st Floor

Peoria, IL. 61603


A Strong and Positive Fellowsip


NLCOM Fellowship

God is our Inspiration, Changing Lives is our Passion. New Life Christian Outreach & Ministry is a dedicated ministry under the goodness and blessing of our Lord and Savior. Each step we take is to see the lives of others improve, become empowered, and changed not only mentally and emotionally, but also spiritually.

If you have any questions please email:

NLCOM FEllowship is a strong faith based ministry to equip, encourage, empower all those who has heard the calling of servanthood upon their hearts.

Join the family as we help develop a strong productive community by providing spiritual outlook within the lives of others. From Prison Ministry, Youth Ministry, Men and Women Ministry etc.

Help others by helping yourself, learn how to host meeting for overcoming addictions, support group for marriages, and help trouble teens.

NLCOM Ordaination Process. If believe you have a calling upon your life, and is willing to serve the Lord on a higher stage. Join the family.

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