New Life Christian Outreach Ministries, in association with the National Assembly of Ministerial Development & Christian Counseling Inc. as well as Alliances for Christian Training & Servant-hood; adheres to the Apostolic Faith Movement (A.F.M. Foundation) African Methodist Episcopal fellowship (AME Fellowship) and Evangelism of America servant-hood method (E.A.S. Inc.)

Some may say how is that possible – I would say, there is nothing to great or powerful then our Lord and Savior Jesus, for it is by his anointing that we are able to gather together in the full process of being a Child of the most High, and learn how to work closely together in order to spread the gospel and save lives from the nature of sin and confusion which will lead to destruction of one self and soul.

This amazing connection and spiritual empowerment, it has allowed not only those who are called to lead, but also who are called to fellowship, widely  accepted by all ministries and churches that is truly about our “Fathers” business, calling and gifts.

As a clear and concise statement of their faith, in harmony with the doctrines of growth and development, God has allowed us to be effective not only in ministry, but also within the community and our family.


Building A Inspiring Ministry For The Community

Each day in life should always be a day of truth, blessing, love, and faith, for each day is a gift from God. There is no doubt that God has allowed this ministry to become a major resource to those who are truly seeking the truth, as well as those who know the truth but have a heart to serve the Kingdom of God.

New Life Christian Outreach & Ministry is a non for profit organizations within the concept of The Apostolic Movement and Evangelism purpose, in order to bring forth our brothers and sisters who are true believers in his love that we may  earnestly seeks to interpret the Bible literally, applying his word to our everyday life, sharing the concept and method of compassion, and being a light of Christ in order to serve as the foundation of our doctrine and guide our members’ daily lives.

We are a small ministry with the inspiring method, calling, teaching, sharing and development as if we were a big church with many members in our congregations. We serve a Lord that is not about collecting members, how big the church building is, how much love offering we can collect or trying to obtain fame.

Our true and inspirational concentration of Apostolic Christians Leadership and the Evangelistic Fellowship. We truly believe that all those who come forth and establish a bond in Christ within the ministry, we know it is a blessing.

We have true faith in knowing that we are anointed and blessed to be a Christ like method to so many, and still be able to keep things in a spiritual manner, organizational structure, biblical teaching, equipping the saints, while endorsing the church in order to build a firm Christian community.


The Movement

By the anointing of God, the love of Christ, and the teaching of the Holy Spirit,  New Life Christian Outreach Ministries (N.L.C.O.M Inc.) in association with National Assembly of Ministerial Leadership & Christian Counseling (N.A.M.C Inc.) and Alliances for Christian Training & Servant-hood (A.C.T.S) has become a biblical and spiritual nationally recognized, faith-based, biblical teaching, endoring platform, leadership development and counseling as a non-profit organization providing ministry through the community, cities, states, and around the world by using different aspect in order to spread the everlasting love and mercy of our Father of “The Gospel”.

Our intense network is a collective method and creative programs that consist of ministerial development, christian – counseling network, inspirational workshops, strong empowerment of  support groups, and numerous platform that allows one to be able share the word of God through audio, video and inner spirit speaking.

All our resources are based on God’s truth and faith in order to move forward in helping those who are hurting, those who are lost, and those who are struggling, so they too can build a personal relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. With those tools we are able to build an amazing platform of Christian communities, spiritual connections and experience life-transformation.

It is important to know that even as God continue to lead us on the right path and grant us the method to help others, it is a clear cut focus that allow others to truly see that our centerpiece in ministry: “God is our Inspiration, Changing Lives is our Passion, Sharing the Gospel is our Calling”.

Our Anointing

Our Anointing begins with the Love, Faith, Wisdom and Understanding of what our Father desire from us, just as we trust in his decisions for our lives.

New Life C.O.M  is a faith-based, Christ-centered information network and inner spirit tools that enables us to work closely together as a family in Christ, not a business of some kind. 

We continue our daily walk with one another as we move forward in learning the true concept of “Servant”.



Our motive and method is to reach out compassionately to those seeking mental, emotional and spiritual health. Understanding that life can be better, it can be full of joy, and you can be saved from the evil that surrounds you.

One must always remember the word of God through:

“Proverbs 3:5-6 – Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, but acknowledge him and he shall direct your path”.

Our Philosophy

“God’s is our Inspiration – Changing Lives is our Passion – Sharing the Gospel is our Calling”

The word of God, the anointing of Christ, and empowerment of the Holy Ghost presents a strong enlightenment the concept of “Scriptures” for we know that as it is the authority in matters of faith and practice.

Leading the Way!

What Our Faith Is Built Upon

``John 3:16``

Our Statement of Faith

``The true outline of knowing the Love of God is to ask for his love.``'

``Matthew 28:19-20``

Our Book of Enlightment

``The true outline of Faith, Wisdom and Joy.``

``Acts 6:2-4``

Our Mission - Our Vision

A intense focus on equipping, educate, empower, elevate, endorse, and elighten with the method of Fivefold Ministry and the aspect of Evangelical stages, we accomplish this mandate through the process of training, mentorship and spiritual encouragement.