As an Open and Welcoming ministry, New Life C.O.M  welcomes all persons, regardless of ethnicity, gender identity, socio-economic circumstance, or religious background to learn more about the Lord and building a personal relationship with the Father, while accepting the teaching of the Holy Ghost. We are a members, children, leaders, elders, and fellowship within the Full Body of Christ. 

Who we are

As a ministry that provide strong fellowship, biblical teaching, ministerial training and mentoring groups, we are anchored into the very teaching of the Apostolic Movement, Evangelism Teaching, and Elevation of the Kingdom of God. Our calling is very simple, for we are true servants of the Lord, regular people with a calling, individuals with a vision, and ministers with a purpose.

What we share is a common desire to seek and find God in the context of his love, mercy, and faith. We want to walk this journey with others… in worship, in conversation, through learning, in fellowship, and in service within our city, state, and communities.

We want to be a ministry that others can truly say they are home, place where anyone—and we mean anyone—can experience a renewed, reconciled and loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

We are called into ministry not because we wanted to be famous, but because God found Favor within us.

Our Main 3 Steps of Ministry


--- The Bible teaches us that at the beginning of our global history, God created all things with absolute perfection, a perfect blend of natural and moral harmony.  The Bible also teaches us that, at some point after Adam’s creation, he chose to turn away from God by eating a forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden.  In Adam’s disobedience, mankind was plunged into sin. We were spiritually “lost” and helpless to find eternal God’s pleasure apart from his intervening mercy and grace.  God’s greatest desire was to restore the broken relationship between mankind and himself.


--- New Life C.O.M exists to help people find their way to God — to know the joy of forgiveness and the promise of eternal life.  Then, as people come to God through his Son Jesus Christ, together we will grow in spiritual maturity, demonstrating our commitment to Christ by celebrating our faith, connecting with other believers, and contributing to the work of God.


--- The purpose of New Life Christian Outreach Ministry is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone we meet; through personal witnessing, and the sharing the Word of God. To provide spiritual encouragement, biblical resources, certifications in ministry, dedicated platform, training and mentoring others, and the endorsement of the word of God throughout the community that will promote Godly relationships. To equip individuals to serve one another; first within their families, communities, our nation, and throughout the world.

Our Spiritual Journey - Our Focus - Our Purpose


It is important that we apply the word of God to our everyday life. Our fellowship is unique in many ways, for we are a family, helping one another while traveling the journey of life, overcoming struggles, and even just to have someone to talk to without judgement.

We are able to do so because of the amazing movement in which the love, faith, wisdom and commitment shines bright within you as the love of God changes everything about you.

In the process and determination we are truly honored to be able to share each stage of being a member of New Life C.O.M:

— Teach the Word of God in order to provide clear guidelines and instructions necessary to develop character and the qualities of Jesus Christ.  Teaching all to be responsible for ones actions, to be accountable to others, and the importance of serving the needs of others as the true trademarks of leadership.

— Disciple individuals in a manner that encourages a continued pursuit of the newfound relationship with Jesus Christ, while emphasizing the significance of committing and connecting with a local church.

— Counseling others in a professional and spiritual manner that will help others begin to become stable in their faith, but also within their life, family, work, friends and within the community.

— Lead by example, a lifestyle that exemplifies what it means to be a follower of Christ (a Christian).

Programs & Certifications Info.

Living In Faith Everyday

The word or title LIFE means more then just bio of what you have achieved or obtain, for it is a platform that grants us the very essences of being Christ-centered, faithful, compassionate, educated and encourage to continue to transform your life as well as the lives of those whom you love and respect. We inspire to be effective in ministry by mentoring those who also desire to be part of God's Kingdom and the calling servant-hood.


From novice aspiring ministers to seasoned leaders, New Life C.O.M in association with United Assembly of Ministerial Leadership & Christian Counselors Inc. (UAMCC) and Alliances for Christian Training and Servant-hood Biblical Institute (ACTS) we provide spiritual, professional, biblical, educational and directive method within our ministerial programs.

These programs grant individuals the opportunity to obtain and seek initial license, or to advance to the next level of license platform. From development of Commission Lay-Worker, License Ministers, to Ordained Minister, each individual will be able to enhance, elevate, and equip themselves in ministry, and also be able to build a platform of spiritual connections, fellowship, and friends in the body of Christ.

The goal of "Life-Line Prison Ministry" -  is to evangelize, encourage and equip those in jail or prison with the Word and Promises of Jesus Christ so that they can be empowered to successfully transition back into society upon release from jail or prison. To continue a strong mentoring platform for those who are released, the source for a better future begins within the individual. To reach those that are incarcerated, hospitalized, institutionalized, and those that are in need of the gospel outside of a traditional church setting.

"Learn the value of being a productive member of society, but also become part of the solution within the community."


Outreach ministries are pathways that transform hearts of those who are truly seeking a better life, understanding of faith and love, achieving the visions and goals within life, and building a strong but productive relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

It is very important that we strive to help those who are within the community, and provide a method that can change the lives of many, by partnering with different churches, ministries, programs, and organizations that desire the same process and progress. To establish and create a healthy, peaceful, worship,and sustainable community.

Advance Certifications & Accreditation Awards

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