Who we are - Our Affiliations

New Life Christian Outreach Ministries is a Christ center, Faith base, non for profit, and also a non-denominational ministry and programs. Even though we are non denomination, we strive and work closely with our partnership and fellowship ministries of "Apostolic Foundations, Evangelic Assembly, and AME Movement. We maintain a strong fellowship as well as a partnerships with those affiliates God has allowed us to productively network with, under many aspect and purpose of common mission, community development, individuals achievements, christian counseling, pastoral development, and like-minded philosophy or ministry.


Just as the human heart serves to circulate and re-oxygenate blood to empower the human body, our fellowship here at NLCOM Foundation seeks to serve as the spiritual heart of passionate discipleship to our city, state, & communities.



Our God Given Movement

Our fellowship strives in many ways to be effective within the community, placing the truth, love, faith, and wisdom so they too can join and become a strong light of Christ for someone else.

Our Inner Belief

We believe in the strength of communication, obtaining feed back, ideals, purpose, and progress in order to be the ministry God created us to be.


True Wisdom

Equip, Educate, Empower, Encourage, Enlighten & Endorse the whole body and love of the Kingdom of God.

Leadership - Fellowship - Membership

 It is grant by the God for each and everyone within this ministry, to not only achieve their goals, but be a helping hand to help others do the same, connecting with so many individuals, developing strong leadership, educating the concept  of Christian & Pastoral counseling, while continuing to know the values in Life Coaching Skills.

There is No Other Joy - Greater then Serving the Lord!

If you are motivated to engage people with the Gospel, is willing to teach the word of God, standing firm in your belief, while knowing that all things by God is everlasting and faithful.



We aim to be a pillar of Biblical teaching & inspiring leadership with a positive empower for all saints. We seek to be a pillar in serving real needs through partnerships, church & outreach ministries, christian counseling, training programs, as well as a pillar of diversity in leadership, worship, and community.


The Next Step of Life Coaching

We are never ashamed or lost when it comes to serving the Lord. Our desire to make the truth, beauty, and compassion of the Gospel visible throughout the community, local church to families, educational programs, leadership and mentor-ship, no doubt what so ever for we truly know it is by the presences of the Lord that we can truly present a authentic fellowship and partnership through the inspirational network of God's Kingdom.

Our Book of Life &  Faith