Anointing Seal of Accreditations

                            Your Spiritual Journey Begins Here!

As part of the overall vision and goals of ACTS Biblical Institute is to equip, encourage and educate the minds and soul of God's children, we strive establish a firm and unique biblical institute that will not only help you in your walk with Christ, but grant you a experiences that will change your life forever.

Christian Spiritual & Educational Experience

Alliances for Christian Training and Servant-hood (Seminary) a strong Christian Biblical Institute that strives in equipping those who are truly seeking to develop passionate career and life style of being a true inspiring servants of Jesus Christ by personal, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical conditions that will change everything about you, with dedicated movement in educating, encouraging, elevating, and enlighten the mind, soul and body.

We place dedicated emphasizes in the integration of biblical truth, ministry experience, and character transformation. This emphasis pervades the life of each student, instructor, fellowship, leadership and foundation as becoming a main resource in cultivate a caring learning community where Jesus Christ is exalted and students are equipped for serving the needs of church, the family, the community and society.

A.C.T.S. Biblical Institute is a platform do more then train, mentor, and promote, we strive to build a amazing Christian community and a spiritual network that continue to grow spiritually, educationally, and mentally, in order to achieve the goals God has given unto us, so may continue share a productive platform that will enable all members, leaders, fellowship, and students to be effective in every way possible within the community, family and the Kingdom of God.

Each courses at ACTS Biblical Institute is Biblical sound, inspired method and strongly effective in the process of being a true spiritual online seminary & training platform, and format. Students who take the necessary steps to enroll will have the opportunity to become a member of the United Evangelical Ministers & Counselors Associations Inc. The invitation grants each individual a in-depth concept of achieving their goals, strong fellowship, christian mentors in pastoral, chaplaincy, counselors, network as well as the concept of the Apostolic Foundation, Evangelism Servant-hood, and hands-on & intern ministry project.'

Once a student has obtain their certification and accreditation of ministerial directions they too shall become a full part and directive member of UECA Fellowship, and shall become a light of Christ for other young men and women who has the desire of being a servant of the Kingdom of God.

It is very important that one understand that our main goal is to ensure that each student, each member, each instructor, each leader shall obtain the knowledge and service that shall increase with the understanding of the Bible and the method of different areas of ministry and certain position related to becoming a man or woman of God within leadership of pastoral, teacher, evangelist, counselors, and mentors etc.








In the knowledge of obtaining ministerial certification, leadership and/or counselors endorsement status, biblical enlightenment & servanthood, and the all around method of christian and spiritual accreditation in ministry as well as community advocacy. We take each program, each course, each individual and each instructors as a strong part of Christ fellowship, just as we understand and accept that each platform and internship is truly a direct subject connect to the Bible and the teaching of Christ given unto the Apostles, so that one will and can establish a pillar of amazing and significant understanding of who you are in Christ, how to be effective in ministry, sharing the word of God on different levels, recognizing the concept of sin and sinner, and obtain a large area of biblical sound dialogue.


"The important facts within ACTS programs is to allow each student the opportunity to advance in their spiritual growth, present a new measure when it comes to Christ, the Church and the Community."


The ACTS Biblical Institute implementing an exciting concept for teaching, training, and mentoring so one can truly be effective within the field of evangelists, preachers, teachers, and even leaders in order to impact the world today, by building strong communities, and inspiring leaders for the future.

Listen - Learn - Lead Platform

The courses we offer will allow each and everyone a in-depth biblical study and a peer to peer study group & discussion platform, while allowing their gifts to be the life of Christ within them, so they took can lead and help others know and accept the true love of our Father God.

Each certifications program and accreditation platform here at ACTS Biblical Institute consists of three major components: general education courses, biblical and theological studies, and internship or mentor community services & work hours.

1. In each area of study, students are exposed to essential concepts and skills in every aspect of ministry.

2. They are equipped through instruction and significant learning experiences, mentors and internship.

3. They are empowered as graduates to utilize this knowledge and skills in their future ministry, employment and service.


If you desire to know more about ACTS Biblical Institute, applying for volunteer instructor, biblical teacher or internship mentor platform and/or request information on how to start a study group or platform charter school under ACTS Fellowship.

It is by the blessing and anointing of God to be acknowledged, accepted, endorsed, removing any or all thoughts of ACTS being a paper mill ministry, for it is by his grace and wisdom of the Holy Spirit that we are truly honor and humble to see so many men and women of the Kingdom of God obtaining ministerial certification, and becoming a part of United Evangelic Leadership & Christian Counseling Accreditation, etc;. All you have to do is come forth and we are here to help you.