Alliances of Christian Training & Servant-hood


ACTS Inc. is called and accepted as Godly ministerial training certifications, Christian fellowship development, Chaplaincy & Prison ministry certifications, license, commission, and ordination training, as well as advances biblical teaching for a greater standard in ministry. ACTS is also a seminary platform that is accepted by many churches, ministries, Christian programs, and independent church & outreach development platform.

      A.C.T.S. Inc. established in  2016, has grown into a inspiring biblical institute and leadership development program that strive to help those who truly feel the calling of being a servant of God within their soul. Our degree of equipping the saints of the Kingdom of God is truly a Faith base, Christ center, non for profit and in-depth studies of being a true leader and servant of the Lord.

ACTS Biblical Institute was founded by: Presiding Bishop Dr. Shae Waters, who is also 2nd seat Elder Council for New Life C.O.M.

       A.C.T.S. Biblical Institute is an non for profit &  independent – Bible believing training platform that holds to the belief that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and it is important for everyone to learn about the gifts God has given unto them, while maintaining a positive and productive life in the Kingdom of the Lord.



The Nature of True Spiritual Understanding starts within you.

Alliances for Christian Training & Servant-hood is one of the major counsel and impact program within the community of Christian Leadership, Evangelism, Biblical Teaching and Christian Counselors.

ACTS is well known for its method and belief of ecclesiastical relationship and established platform for credentialing and spiritual coverage in association of National Assembly of Christian Leadership & Christian Counselors Inc.

As a non for profit Christian organization, faith base and Christ center movement. Each individual who donates is allowing us to continue to change lives and build a productive, spiritual, safe community not for the church, outreach programs, business, but also for family, friends, and fellowship.

The understanding of becoming a part of ACTS Biblical Institute one can provide amazing insights, biblical concept, united fellowship, and Christian network around the world.

The Leading Platform of Christ Teaching

In understanding the concept in which we teach here at ACTS Inc. is not hard to obtain, for its coming from the life, leadership, spiritual, and compassion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
His teaching allowed the Apostles to be not only unique but firm on their belief and the conditions of being a man or woman of God, and how to share this amazing love to others.

``Amazing Anointing of the Lord - Is Being a strong servant for the Community``

A New Empowerment - A New Journey

Our belief statement is the overarching guide for the doctrinal position taught at A.C.T.S. Biblical Institute, as well as part of the growing network of Christian Leadership & Christian Counselors assembly.

We are fundamental in our literal interpretation of the Scriptures, premillennial in our prophetic view, convinced that the Lord Jesus Christ will return, and grant his brothers and sister in Christ to be a part of the amazing transformation in heaven.





We encourage everyone who is a part of this faith base movement to pray, praise, and obtain their purpose in the Kingdom of God as well as in Life.

Preaching the word of God is one thing, but truly living the word of God is one amazing purpose and inspirational journey that we all should be prepared to take.

“Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine” (2 Timothy 4:2,3a).

We strive for the love, mercy and faith each day of our lives. It is very important to each of us that we share and present the same unconditional love from God, just as he given unto us.

Our success is created by inspiring men and women of the Kingdom of God, from the very stages of “Student Fellowship, Instructors, Elders and Sponsors.

A.C.T.S. Biblical Institute dedicated partner of N.A.C.C. Inc and New Life C.O.M providing courses, training, license, and ordinations process that bring forth the degree of inspiring ministers, leaders, teachers, pastoral and counselors alike.

Our instructors are strong biblical teacher, Christian Leaders, pastoral, and faithful members who truly provide the method of generosity-driven free minister training, unique motivation of Christian mentors, and a wide range of studies for our staff and students alike.

Disciplined Training

In his training of Timothy, the apostle Paul instructed his young companion to “endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.”Explaining further the responsibilities of a soldier, the apostle stated, “No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please Him who has chosen him to be a soldier.”

It has long been understood by military experts that good soldiers are the product of disciplined training. A.C.T.S. requires standards of Christian discipline that will be offensive to those who have not dedicated themselves to laying aside the entanglements of this world and truly become soldiers in the spiritual warfare.

Equip - Encourage - Empower

A.C.T.S. Biblical Institute, providing resources, ideals, training, Our program is truly a faith base, online seminary providing a stable & in-depth studies within the field of: Christian Counseling, Pastoral Leadership, Church Development, Leadership Development, Outreach Ministry and organizations, and also certifications for Social Work in Youth Development, and much more.

In the contrast to all this, God has anointed and allowed the biblical standards in obtaining a degree. ACTS is not a college that offers  Degrees. Our core partnership with Liberty Harvest Bible College is the amazing platform that offers wide range of degree programs. ACTS is truly a biblical institute with emphasis in the field of spiritual concept and ministerial training within platform of certifications and awards. 

We are truly a hands on, biblical teaching, ministerial training, inispiring work ethics and a strong ministry in the Kingdom of God. 

It has been inform by others and given positive outlook from many different ministries, churches and christian organizations, on how we are truly 100% online format designed to communicate, fellowship, minister, uplift, tutor, in-depth studies and so much more.

Our passionate instructors will guide you through and help you to develop practical skills that will impact your career, your faith and prepare you for the global marketplace.

When we express the calling and the training that is needed in order for each student, staff, leaders and fellowship obtain that amazing gift from God as being a true servant of his Kingdom.

It is our purpose that we strive to teach the highest academic and biblical institute and seminary platform to teach in unique ways, from video to audio, conference phone line to written assignments, and biblical concept of Christian blogging platform.

It is important to us to make all available courses, information, and projects to everyone who are seeking a strong method in understanding the calling and purpose in their life.

Our internship, volunteer services, program development & sermons outline is written & present by Christian leaders, Christian counselors, Biblical instructors , and Christian mentors.

Our communities build upon the Word of God is the same communities who are now part of God’s inspiring training leaders for today and tomorrow.

Our Core Purpose

Our goal is to refine, enhance, and strengthen your ministry through courses that are biblical, practical and relevant.

Biblical insight

Evaluate biblical, systematic and historical theology perspectives, emphasizing the historic theological contributions and unique perspective of Grace Christian University.

Practical Movement

Employ effective, grace-based leadership and ministry practices that promote the spiritual and emotional well-being of others.

Relevant trends

Construct practical, biblically-based responses to contemporary trends in theology, church, and culture.

Inspirational Method

– To stimulate the minds, the body and the soul with an encouraging production of intellectual, spiritual and cultural development which prepares each student to make Godly value or moral judgments.

-To produce spiritually healthy individuals, we apply different concept, different writing sermon platform, and a unique speaking platform that will surely apply well balanced and God-centered individuals capable of not only offering spiritual actions but also compassionate and full of wisdom, with emphasis on moral leadership & inspirational mentor.

– To inspire and equip each students with the motive and values of being a evangelist in order to spread the word of God around the world.

To assist & maintain the inspiring measurement that will educate each student on an in-depth level in order to obtain the wisdom and knowledge of the Bible and the God of Creation.

– To ensure that we are all on the right path, we provide a program that allows our instructors, teachers, elders, and advisors training stages so they too can still acknowledge and apply the biblical principles of the Kingdom of God. We call this platform – “Project 1Life”

1) Be full of wisdom and discipline

2)  Become a loyal and effective ministers, mentors, and/or leaders within the stages to transform and unite those within the community.

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Note: Please be advised that A.C.T.S. Board of Directors for Spiritual Education will be taken applications for those who feel they have the compassion, wisdom, and understanding to teach the word of God on a more biblical stand point to ensure that each student will obtain the correct education here at A.C.T.S.

More information or insight concerning course work, becoming a biblical instructor, registering for education purpose or just requesting information concerning other things. You can email: