We are truly a part of the Kingdom of God, your fellowship is very important to us, just as your understanding and purpose. Why join us as we continue to move forward in the concept of:

“Prayer – Praise and Purpose.”

God is our Inspiration – Changing Lives is our Passion – Sharing the Word of God is Our Calling”

``Spiritual Insight - Changing Your Life``

New Life Christian Outreach & Ministry in association of National Assembly of Ministerial Leadership & Christian Counseling Inc. They are also a profound connection to the Alliances for Christian Training & Servant-hood.

As we continue to move forward we stress the concept of being a true man or woman blessed with the gifts of “Evangelism”, and the divine anointing within the Apostolic development and fellowship.

New Life C.O.M is more than a partnership of many ethnically- and culturally-diverse ministries and christian organizations, but is a platform that adhering to word of God, the life of Christ, and the wisdom of the Holy Ghost. Each organization, outreach ministry, churches, community programs and individual progress.

Our intense method in partnering within different organizations and ministries is to be a major resources for everyone to learn how to establish a firm and productive relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, to walk together with one another that present a unique and strong Biblical relationship, to enjoy each other’s fellowship, to seek counsel with one another under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ who are committed to change their worlds for Christ.

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Director of Human Resource Office
CO-Site Director of Community Advocacy
CO-Site Director of Men and Women Ministry
CO-Site Director of Christian Support Groups

If you want to know more about New Life C.O.M and all its Christian Affiliates, you can visit:

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