Connect 360 Fellowship

Event details

  • Sunday | 19th May 2019 to Sunday | 25th August 2019
  • 9:00 AM
  • TBA for each city, state, and community.
  • 20Attendees
  • 05Staff members

Connect 360 Fellowship is a special and spiritual invite or church visit that is grant to one or more of our Christian leadership here at New Life C.O.M

Each individual from the Elders Council, Ministerial Board and Fellowship Team connects with one or more churches, ministries, or organizations within their city, state and community. The visit will allow us to not only connect with the ministry, but also with the Pastors and Elders of said church, and work on being a part of their growth by offering certain programs within the community and fellowship members.

We truly believe in order to spread, share and grant others one amazing love of God, we must be willing to work with others, and be open minded to the calling that has been placed within that ministry.

Join us as we begin to move forward in our process of becoming a part of your community, but also a strong part of your ministry and journey in Christ.

If you desire to invite or request one of our Elders, Ministers, Fellowship members to attend your church service or a spiritual event, you can do so by contact: Connect360 Project


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