In the stages of life, one must be able to seek out the truth, even if it means getting hurt in the process. For denying the truth is worse then no knowing the truth, and even trying to change the truth in order be something that you are not.

When first heard that statement I was only 10 years old, I didn’t know what it meant at that time, and to this day, I sometimes wonder as human beings are we totally afraid of the truth, and if so why? For we all know that truth is the divine measurement within the Kingdom of God, and accepting the truth can and will transform your life in so many ways. (Quote by: Bishop Dr. Smith)

New Life Christian Outreach Ministries was developed and founded in the year of 2001, building a concept of changing the lives of those who are seeking the truth, and how to apply the truth in your journey of life. New Life C.O.M begin its journey as a small but creative platform in ministry of “Prison Chaplaincy”.

Understanding the outcome of being in prison is truly a journey no one should be a part of, but we all know that is a part of our government in order to keep people say, but also even as the government has a job to do, so do those who are a part of the Kingdom of God.

In establishing a prison ministry that will do more then grade bible studies, preach, and send letters, New Life C.O.M decided to use the concept of L.I.F.E. method. The meaning of this method is clear base here: “Living In Faith Everyday”…

Can you imagine how hard this for those who are free from prison, not think about this statement for those who are in that dark world called prison. It is not easy nor was it meant to be. But with prayer, encouragement, and empowerment from others, our founder Bishop Smith begin to reach out to those who are incarcerated, sharing the vision God has placed upon his heart.

Receiving so many replies he knew that this was the calling God had given unto him. And in the year of 2002 the final piece for the ministry of New Life C.O.M was now in place, and mission had just begun.

My Journey in Christ

Bishop Dr. T.R. Smith  born into a family that truly believed in God, hearing the word of God through his grandfather and grandmother Church services on the west side of Chicago, IL.

He attend church every Sunday at the Midwest Apostolic Church & Ministry, under the leadership of Apostle H.L. Smith and 1st Lady Prophetess M.S. Smith. He was the oldest in his family, and learned early on that no one can love, teach, understand and stand firm with you like your family can.

Through many trials and tribulations, Bishop Smith was able to move forward and obtain his B.A in Christian Counseling, B.A. in Social Services, and his Masters in Biblical Counseling with emphasis on “Substance Abuse and mental awareness treatment”

As he begin to grow and become more involved in changing the lives of those who come forth seeking help, he begin to see the vision of establishing a program that will not only teach the word of God, but also be able to apply the word to your everyday life, understanding your gifts and purpose in life and the visions of becoming a well productive person in society.

His progress lead him to be heard on many occasions visiting different churches, attending and speaking at many different community events, and hosting workshops for many Christian organizations and outreach ministries.

The method of establishing strong spiritual leaders through the value of “Evangelism, Christian Ethics, Inspirational Journey and Inspiring movement of being Christ-center in every-way.”

His decision in teaching these method to others, open up many doors that allowed him to build a strong network of Christian leaders, Inspirational journeys and a clear focus in having a anointing relationship with the Lord. This relationship and journey was destined by God before he was even born into this world.

“My grandmother use to always tell me that I have a old man soul, a soul that has seen many things in life, a soul that valued the importance’s of faith, and unique mind to be the best at every thing that I do.” And yes it was true, but also learned that attitude of being the best at every thing I could do also cause me a lot of pain and confusion.” Quote: Bishop Smith

Within time not only was New Life C.O.M growing, the calling of leadership begin to been seen within him. Under the guidance and mentoring from his elder ship “Apostle K. Williams, the Senior Pastor of Inner City Ministry of God”. Bishop Smith was anointed and appointed as Overseer for outreach ministries.

This leadership experience was amazing and productive that he was called into the measure of “Elder-ship” under the United Association of Evangelical Church of American.

Gods Purpose

In the year of 2006, he was appointed Bishop of Ministry within the UECA, and awarded Senior Chaplain within United Association of Chaplains and Counselors Int. under the guidance of Arch Bishop.

This appointed calling begin to place many different ideals and was now helping others ministries to grow and be effective within their community.

To this day Bishop Smith continue to follow the leading of the Lord, therewith, allowing the Holy Ghost to stir up gifts, which molded and encouraged him to continue to grow and develop in ministry.

He is truly Kingdom agent of mentoring, encouragement, and compassion, prayer, staying in daily communicating with the Lord. Connecting the foundation of ministries and leaders to work closely together to change lives, and not dwell on who is who, or who is larger, better, etc. But to know that God is the foundation that allow many of us to help others. We are servants of the Kingdom of God, a calling that is very special.

As of 2019 Bishop Smith has been moving forward on a new empowerment and vision that he believes will not only touch many lives, but also place the terms “Fellowship” back into the meaning of the church.

We need to get back to speaking face to face, helping others by knowing the situation, being a good leader by being a good follower. True that the concept of Christian is growing, but we must realize we can not grow without the blessing of God and the fellowship of the community.

Today Bishop Smith and his brother in Christ Bishop Shae Waters, has join the creative method of inner peace and mentors in order to host a radio podcast show called: T.R.U. Life – “Transform, Rebuild, Unite, in Living In Faith Everyday”…

They have also established an online biblical institute that teaches individuals, leaders, churches, and Christian organization the unique method of “Servant-hood” under the ministry: “Alliances for Christian Training & Servant-hood”

There is more coming soon, for Bishop Smith truly believe that God is about to shock the whole world, and if you are not ready, you maybe one of those who will miss out on the amazing love of God.

Our Founders Info Board

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