There are so many different aspect, names, understanding, and doctrine concerning the movement of spiritual coverage (Minister License or Ordinations). In the concept and value of becoming a minister within the Kingdom of God is truly one amazing gift as well as blessing from our beloved Father, our inspiration Jesus Christ, and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

One must truly realize and understand in order to use these gifts, you first must understand, develop, endorse and accept all that comes with a higher calling in ministry itself. It is important to focus on the fact that one must have a servant heart, encourage spirit, empowerment of the soul and the enlightenment of God's word deep within your  mindset.

Everyone can not handle this strong gift, and without proper training, belief, and fellowship you can find yourself lost, and not able to grow due to the lack of spiritual discernment. Those who have accepted their gifts, and begin to learn the value of using such gift, is able to share and impact those around them.

The Apostles accepted their gift in a manner we wish we could do today, straight from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And yet, we are able to obtain the true doctrine of servant hood, evangelism, biblical teaching, and the measurement of spiritual fellowship not based upon the concept of man, but truly based upon the teaching of God's word.

This is truly a degree of inspiration, as well as amazing evangelical method our Savior Jesus Christ and the anointing of our Father above, for it is by these gifts that has been placed before the "Apostles"... As a ministry that provide spiritual coverage and biblical charter for individuals, churches, ministries and organization we truly believe one must be willing to serve other instead of being servant by others.

Our spiritual coverage process begin with endorsement of commission lay-work, license ministers, ordained ministers, and advance leadership platform, we strive to teach all that is good, and all that is given by God, and the amazing example our Savior Jesus placed upon the life of being saved, and the doctrine of being a Shepard of God.


Therefore in our purpose and calling as a board of ministerial and charter credentials, we also implant the very essences of one continue to grow in a spiritual manner, accepting the divine principles of the word of God (The Bible), spiritual lead teaching of Apostles and within the book of Timothy. There are levels in the stage of ministry, as well as faith base terms and Christ center actions in faith, both are a major concept and is known by: Ministerial Certification and Charter Ministry.


We are true "Servants of the Lord"

We offer more then just a title, award, or fellowship, all those who are a part of the ministry has a dedicated sense and purpose in understanding that serving God is a life style that one must live each and everyday of their life. In knowing so, the National Leadership of Christian Outreach & Ministries (NLCOM), but also known as "New Life Christian Outreach & Ministry", also in association with the United Evangelic Council & Christian Counselors Assembly, United Evangelic Council Association (UECA), and  Alliances for Christian Training and Servant-hood "Biblical Institute" (ACTS). This platform has been effective in ministry for a very long time, working within the boundaries of the Apostolic Movement, Evangelism Concept and the AME Fellowship Dialogue.

With this measure and unique avenue of serving the Lord and the community, we strive with the most high abilities and consideration to ensure that each student, each member, each leader shall obtain their "Ministerial Leadership" certifications.

Learn more about our purpose, vision, and method in developing a creative, inspirational, and faithful ministry. We believe in the main process and training that consist in development of spiritual and mental actions that elevates the very essences within any individual who are seeking the concept of ministry, connecting with your community, and applying the word of God to your everyday, while continue to be firm and stable example of having a relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.




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The New Life C.O.M in the partnership and association platform with United Evangelic Council & Christian Counselors Assembly Inc. and Alliances for Christian Training & Servant-hood Biblical Institute, are blessed and established to recognizes the lifelong calling within the aspect of ministry and being a solid spiritual connections to the Kingdom of God and community.The advance accreditation for Christian organizations and ministerial development is accepted, recognized and honor by many different churches, ministries, programs, and individuals.  

The anointing of Christ and the recognizance of spiritual coverage and/or training within the field of commission lay-minister, license ministers, ordained ministers as well as advance accreditation are a part and partial of the method in spreading the word of God present by different platforms , community development, ministerial office, pastoral leadership and the all around elevation of being in good standing to continue the goals of serving God, Community, and Family.


"Come forth and do more then obtaining your certification, join the family that Pray, Praise & Serve Together"

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