N.A.M.C Inc.

``What others may think is Impossible - We serve a God that makes all things Possible``

“It is written by grace:

Prayer is our Priority; Evangelism is our Passion; AND Discipleship is our Purpose.”

The National Assembly of Ministerial Leadership & Christian Counselors Inc. was established in the year of 2010 with the anointing hands of God and the empowering teaching of Christ and the inner spiritual growth and development of the Holy Ghost.

The Assembly has 6 Elders who represent programs and ministries of the New Life C.O.M foundation, Acts Biblical Institute, Ministerial Council, and Community Advocacy Programs.

The National Assembly of Ministerial Leadership & Christian Counselors Inc. is a biblical calling of servant-hood, a committed movement in fellowship with all leaders, members, teachers, etc. on a national platform and foundation in the striving purpose of helping others build a relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

NAMC is not some type of paper-mill or fly by night program, we are not a formation that seeks out people for money and fame, but we are a strong Christian ministry and fellowship that believes in the true concept of being a servant of God, and a mentor to others.

The meaning and the acknowledgement of understanding the teaching and the calling of each Apostles present the true nature of being Christ-center striving to help others upon the infallible Word of God.

We teach each and every member from leadership, committee, fellowship and ministers the unique status to committed to prayer and ministering in every-way, while knowing that with the mercy of God, we can truly help and heal the hurting: to evangelizing our community by winning the lost as declared in the Apostolic doctrine; to disciplining the Spirit-filled believers in a climate which encourages spiritual growth.

Know Your Gifts- Learn about Love-Provide Faith

Our origin, Our history does not date all the way back to the Radical Reformation, but our founder and brother in Christ, Bishop T.R. Smith, was influenced by the very nature of being Christ like, and relating the concept and doctrinal in ministry with his partner and co-founder of N.A.M.C. movement.

Our motto was “God is Our Inspiration – Changing Lives is our Passion – Spreading the Gospel is our Calling” 

We truly believe that the scriptures alone constituted the basis for doctrine and life – and they were to be followed.

We regard the entire Word as infallible and inerrant and have endeavored over the years to diligently follow New Testament teachings.

"Unity In Christ Movement"


  • Engage in an ongoing strategic planning process.


  • With the approval of the Elders Council Committee and Senior Advisor, N.A.M.C Inc. continues to establish communication, spiritual network, Christian communities and outreach program groups in order to advance biblical aspect of the ministry as well as mentor new and profound men and women of God who is now building their ministry, outreach programs, or organizations, and obtain spiritual coverage.

  • Provide consultation to those who truly need a strong spiritual path so one can truly guide the direction and policies of ministries.
  • Provide consultation to the members of N.A.M.C. Inc. in order to uplift, encourage, educate, empower and endorse the full body of Christ.

  • Provide insights to specific issues, needs and recommendations that are brought to the Assembly by the various commissions and other working groups of the ministry.
  • Provide inner spirit counseling, growth, fellowship and directions to all members, leaders, counselors and individuals that is seeking ways to help change the lives of many within the community.

  • It allows them to grow together through the same inspirational experiences.
  • It allows the two to serve together in a variety of ministries.
  • It allows them to serve each other and pray for each other.

  • Working closely with ministers and leaders in ministry provides the counselor with greater insight into the most important dimension of the counselor’s life—their spiritual life.

  • Each counselor that works closely with minister leadership, churches, and outreach programs bring forth the empowerment and education of helping those with any form of addictions, mental programs, family or marriage issues.
  • This concept is a true method in changing the lives of those who are seeking help and faith. Living life as example of Christ both inside and outside of the Kingdom of God.

  • The integrity of the Christian leadership & ethical purpose of counselors is connected into the teaching and in-depth message of hope, faith, love, and mercy can unite the purpose of “Church & Community” platform of transformative action.

The N.A.M.C foundation is a fully functioning ministry performing meaningful work within the field of pastoral leadership, christian counseling, inspiring biblical teaching, youth development and empowering churches within their community.

It is the direction of the N.A.M.C. committee and elders to present a method of grow by:

— Reviewing, discussing and approving each ministry, outreach, programs, and organizations who have applied for spiritual coverage for their programs, ministries, outreach, and individuals.

— Provided input to various goals and strategies of the ministry resulting in modifying some of the goals based on the feedback.

— Reviewed and endorse the body of Christ, while continuing the development of change and saving lives.

— Discussed and provided input on needed enhancements to all those who are a part of N.A.M.C. membership as well as those who has certification of spiritual coverage.

The processes and method that is used by N.A.M.C.  are well thought out in advance of each meeting and discussed among the Elders committee.

"Together We can Make a Differences"

Who We Are

N.A.M.C. Inc. presents the very concept and method of using biblical sound message, inspiring leadership, life coaching skills, also effective training and development in order to bring forth the degree of professional trained, practical, inspirational, biblical, motivation and dedicated purpose to share the true nature of Christ through careful and compassionate, wisdom, understanding men and women of God, but also strength their faith and the hope to change their way of life.

CLCC Purpose

Christian Leadership and Christian Counseling is the focus that applies the teaching of Jesus Christ, and the message of hope, faith, and strength. The measure of working closely together grants individuals to build a personal relationship with God, as well as obtaining help and understanding while receiving the skills, empowerment, and acceptances to change their way of life and grow.

The Strength of Gods Word.

The Bible provides principles that enable people to experience the inspiring method of knowing God, but also place strength within their family, church, work, marriage, etc. It can also grant you the freedom from anxiety and fear, victory over addictions, and other significant struggles in their life and goals.

NAMC Inc. is truly a program that will help change the lives of many, and continue to help others grow in the spirit and in the community. To know more about NAMC Inc. – purpose, plans, transformation, leadership, and counseling. Just email us and we will contact you as soon as possible.