We are blessed to have a direct contact with the father, and he is always prepared to hear our prayers.

Our prayer room / prayer walls, consist of:

“Prayer Warrior Team & IPraise Team”…

Each team has a very unique and powerful method in sharing the truth, join in as they continue to light the world through understanding, uplifting, enduring, prayer, praise and inspiring purpose.

We truly believe in the terms “When one or more pray, praise, progress together our father is already placing an answer right before you”… Do you believe that? We do here at New Life C.O.M.

It is our calling in many ways to not only pray with you, but also praise with you, share the word of God with you, and even worship the Lord with you.

Your prayer request, testimony, or spiritual encouragement is accepted here. You don’t have to wait, you can come forth and place the information right here on our prayer wall and praise room. You don’t have to worry about being judged or embarrassed, for that is not what we are here to do.

Our Prayer & Praise Community Wall