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Your event means a lot to us, we strive daily to share all we can with those who has a heart of God,

and would like to join with other believes to  pray, praise and progress

within the body of Christ.

Basics of Faith Formation: Picking the Right Curriculum

How do we know we picked the right curriculum? When I first asked this question, I was really focused on Children’s Ministry. After all, my teachers dedicated so much time breathing life into the lessons, I wanted to be sure we were using the best possible materials for our church and...

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What’s with the Brackets around John 7:52–8:12?

In this excerpt from John for Everyone, esteemed New Testament scholar and professor N. T. Wright—whose books and courses are on sale for just two more days—explains why John 7:52–8:12 is often included in the Gospel, though there are good reasons for its omission. Whether the story “should” be there...

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What’s in it for me?

We are all busy. Moving. Doing this and that. Answering emails to stay on top of things. Attending to the car that needs an oil change. Driving here and then there. Addressing the infinite immediate needs — but how often do we see beyond all this — to the heart...

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Following the Way of Love

The Episcopal Church initiative The Way of Love encourages individuals and communities to follow Jesus as they Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, Rest, and Turn. Inspired by North Carolina Bishop Sam Rodman, Phillip Bass began to seek ways to incorporate these seven steps in his daily life. As senior warden at...

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Becoming a Prayer Warrior take a lot of love, faith, and wisdom. It is one of the most important position within the body of Christ.

If you truly believe you have the heart and soul to pray for others, come forth and join the team.


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